Saturday, August 23, 2014

Villains Unleashed

Tonight I was deployed to work at the Vacation Planning booths at Disney's Hollywood Studios for the Villains Unleashed event! This was the first time that I worked during a special event, and I was so excited!

We had to park at Epcot and take a bus over to Studios so that their normal cast parking lot could be used for guests. When we got off the bus, they were giving out villains popcorn to all of the Cast Members working that night!
Villains Unleashed Cast Member popcorn!
Another fun perk of working the event last night was that we were able to get our faces painted backstage for our shift!
Face painting at work!
So much fun!!
Overall, I had a blast working at Villains Unleashed! It was my second time to work at Hollywood Studios, and it definitely made me want to try some shifts at the other parks more often! I LOVE working at Epcot, but with being in a global role and having the ability to work at all 4 parks -- I want to take advantage of that more and switch it up, too!

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  1. It's awesome that you've been accepted onto the DCP and the work looks so fun. I've been looking at your main website for the past few years (first went to wdw in '03) and it brings back so many memories! Just wish I could fit the DCP into my degree - I'm at uni in the UK though so it makes things difficult :(