Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Frozen Fireworks Control

I ended my last post by saying how much I loved working in Vacation Planning at another park, and how I wanted to try out the other parks as well.

Well, in the spirit of spontaneity, I picked up a Frozen Fireworks audience control shift at Hollywood Studios. On our schedule view, you can see open shifts that are available to be picked up by anyone, in various positions across the property. I went to Hollywood Studios to get my control costume!
My new costume for the night!
Cue the anxiety.  Hollywood Studios Fireworks control?? That's worlds away from my comfort zones of Epcot, Magic Your Way tickets, annual passes, cash handling, and our computer systems. But regardless, I was very excited!

One of my neighbors works in Hollywood Studios attractions, and was scheduled the same fireworks shift that I picked up! I was so glad to have someone with me that knew where they were going and what they were doing!
My neighbor Chris and I, ready for our fireworks shift!
There are different sections of the park that require control throughout the night. We were both placed in the section near the Sorcerer's Hat! Our first task was to keep the area for the premium dessert party roped off, and direct guests to use another walkaway instead. The summer dance party was going on in front of the stage, so we got to sing and dance to the band all night long and answer questions! Having such a great knowledge of the park really helped me here.

After the events team began setting up for the dessert party, we moved to the ropes near the front of the stage. As it neared time for the fireworks show to begin, we were in charge of roping off the area around the hat. Because that section of the park closes down due to the fireworks, we had to inform guests of other paths to take, or other attractions to visit instead. Then the fireworks began, and we had an incredible view, right up close!!!  

I absolutely loved my shift! While I love Vacation Planning, I loved getting to be inside the park and talk to guests all night long! I think that one of the biggest things for me on this program is trying every opportunity that comes my way, because you can never have too much experience. Stepping out of my comfort zone was intimidating, but I am glad that I did it early enough in my program to know that I definitely want to try other shifts around the resort as well!  

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