Friday, September 26, 2014


I went to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party with two of my roommates! This is a hard-ticket event at the Magic Kingdom that takes place on select nights throughout September and October. As a Vacation Planner, I got a free ticket from work for product knowledge. Because we sell the MNSSHP tickets, they gave us a free ticket so that we could enjoy the party and be able to better explain it to our guests!

Hannah, Tess, and I dressed up as Nemo, Marlin, and Dory from the movie Finding Nemo! We had fun making our costumes and got lots of compliments on them!
Nemo, Dory, and Marlin are ready for MNSSHP!


Answering the questions I received from my readers!

What is a normal day like in your job?
I clock-in, check out my key card, and then (for morning shifts only) go to our daily Genie Chat meeting. After that, we go to the bank out room to get our money and paperwork for the day, and then get our first booth assignment. Then it's time to start helping guests! I'll ask them questions to figure out what type of ticket or annual pass they need. Every single guest interaction is different, whether it's a sale or upgrade, a payment plan contract or a special event ticket, or even if it's just answering questions! On a normal 6 hour shift, I'll be in 3 different booths, and have my breaks after the first and second booth. Once I get bumped from the third booth, I bank out and then go home (or, to a park...!).

How are your hours, job wise?
The hours in my role are wonderful because I have plenty of time to play, too! On the program, we are guaranteed to be scheduled 30 hours a week. I am usually scheduled between 30-32 hours a week as a Vacation Planner. I know a lot of roles get scheduled more hours per week. It also depends on what park you work in, and the time of year. I love my hours because I usually work 6 hour shifts, either in the mornings or afternoon/evenings, giving me the rest of the day and/or night to play in the parks!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Food and Wine Festival is here!

This past weekend was the Opening Weekend of the 19th Annual Epcot International Food and Wine Festival! This festival brings almost 40 booths to the World Showcase, featuring food from the 11 countries represented year-long, and additional countries that can only be enjoy during the festival. In addition, we have culinary demonstrations, seminars, and exhibits for guests to experience. Every evening, we have the Eat to the Beat concert series, featuring artists in the American Gardens Theatre.

The weekend started on Thursday, with a Cast Member Preview. I went with some of my Vacation Planner friends after work to enjoy the wonderful items from the dozens of booths set up throughout the World Showcase. I had the filet mignon from Canada, the braised short ribs and potatoes from France, and the ravioli from Italy! Everything I had was absolutely delicious!
Cast Member Festival Preview!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Adventures Galore

Wow, time REALLY flies when you're having fun! I am loving everything about my program, my job, and my life here in Disney! It's hard to find any free time to write blog posts when I'm always at work or enjoying the parks. Here's a few pictures from some of my Disney adventures!
The fabulous s'mores dessert at 50's Prime Time Cafe!
To Infinity and Beyond DCP Welcome Event!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Typhoon Lagoon Ticketing

Today I worked a ticketing shift at Typhoon Lagoon, one of Disney's two water parks! It was a short shift, but I enjoyed the change of scenery and some beachy music! I enjoyed the atmosphere of working at the water park, but I found that I definitely enjoy working at the theme parks more! Everyone was super nice and welcoming, though! It was a great morning shift to have, and I loved the costume! Afterwards, some of my roommates met me at the water park and we enjoyed our afternoon in the sun!
This was my costume for Typhoon Lagoon!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Professional Internships Panel

This morning, I attended a Professional Internships panel. This event was hosted by the Disney College Program education team. Professional Internships are the next level of internship programs offered here at Disney. They are a great opportunity, and I am planning to apply for the semester after I graduate. The panel was an incredible way to meet the recruiters and find out more about the application process. I'm so glad I was able to attend this session while I'm here on my program, because I know that everything I learned today will be extremely helpful when I apply in the future! I'm extremely excited about what my future with Disney will bring. No matter where the journey leads me, I know that this company is exactly where I'm meant to be!

A front row seat to hear the incredible tips and advice!