Thursday, August 7, 2014

One Leader's Journey by Meg Crofton

Today I had the privilege to attend a Disney College Program seminar with Meg Crofton, the President of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Operations for the United States and France. A limited number of tickets were given out for this special presentation, and I was so excited for the opportunity to attend!
My ticket for One Leader's Journey!
I have idolized Meg since I was very young. I distinctly remember telling people that I wanted to be the next Meg Crofton when I grew up, just because I knew that she was the President of Walt Disney World (at the time) and thought that was such a cool job. Today, however, I got the opportunity to hear Meg's story, experiences, and wisdom, and realize what an incredible leader that our company is fortunate to have!
Saying that I was excited would be an understatement!
Our 2 hour experience began with Meg reading excerpts from her personal journal which she has kept throughout her entire 30+ years with the company. She connected each excerpt with a quote, that was on a sheet we were given.
The quotes from Meg's seminar, and a spot for notes.  We were also
each given a quote frame which included every quote printed on cards!
Hearing from such an established and successful Cast Member was so inspiring, and everything that she talked about through her experiences with Disney resonated so well with me. I may not know exactly where in the company I'll end up down the road, but that's okay. I know that Disney is where I'm meant to work and I'm blessed to be having this wonderful opportunity to begin my career!

I learned so much from Meg today, and could have listened to her talk all day long. Today was just another realization of why I have longed to work for Disney for my entire life. Meg is such an inspirational and down-to-earth person, and I loved getting to meet her today!

At the end of the session, they took pictures of us with Meg in small groups. They sent us the pictures, and here is my group! I'm in the pink and black chevron top.
It was so neat to meet and take a picture with Meg Crofton!

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