Friday, March 18, 2016

Disney Reservation Center Shadow

One of my favorite things about my Professional Internship has been getting exposure to so many internal departments and teams. Today, I was able to shadow a Cast Member at the Disney Reservation Center. This is the call center that handles booking all of the reservations and experiences, answering questions, and so much more! It was incredible to witness all that goes on at DRC!

Specifically, my shadow was in the Group Reservations department. There are many different markets that call into this line, such as conventions, youth, sports, and runDisney. Being able to see the internal processes of what goes on during a phone call was very eye-opening for me! There are so many different programs that go into booking reservations; I was in awe! I really appreciated this experience because we have called into lines at DRC so many times for our own vacations, so it was really neat to see it from a Cast Member perspective! I loved spending the afternoon learning about what takes place at DRC!
Disney Reservation Center

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Park Buyout Shadow

Tonight, I had the opportunity to shadow a park buyout at the Magic Kingdom with some of my fellow Sales and Services interns! This event was celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Disney Vacation Club! It was an amazing experience to learn about event planning from a Park Operations perspective. We had the chance to walk through the event as we learned about all of the departments that had a role in planning and executing the event. We talked about the event check-in, the exclusive entertainment offerings and available attractions, and the food and beverage operations. Getting to witness this event first-hand allowed me to gain a better understanding of how many teams it takes to successfully manage a park buyout event. Disney is known for producing incredibly unique and well-run events, and this was no exception! I'm so glad that I was able to experience this event shadow!

Group photo of all the interns that shadowed the event, with the Catering and Conventions team!