Thursday, August 7, 2014

Non-stop Disney Adventures

I never made a typical DCP Bucket List when I began my program, because I didn't want to think of my Disney experience as a checklist. That being said, one of my main goals for my program was to enjoy every day and make the most of every moment! My motto recently has been "I can sleep in January!" I've been spending all of my free time at the parks, and here's some pictures of my latest outings!
Visiting Sleeping Beauty with Hannah!
Fun with my friends in the Magic Kingdom!
I could just stand here under the castle all day long!
Tim and I defeating the Evil Emperor Zurg!
A gorgeous sunset in Epcot!
Watching Saving Mr. Banks at the Epcot Cast Member movie night with Jordan!
Walking through an empty Epcot at 1:30 AM after the movie night!
Rockin' our shades with Olaf at Frozen Summer Fun!
Dancing with Mr. Incredible at the #incrediblessuperdanceparty!
Just loving life in our kingdom!

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