Monday, November 16, 2015

Professional Internship Application Process

I am incredibly excited about starting my Professional Internship in less than two months, and I thought I would do a general post about my application experience for anyone who is interested or curious! I will start by saying that this process takes a lot longer than the DCP process, and it is much more competitive. 

When I was on my College Program, I went to a Professional Internships Application Panel. This was incredibly helpful as the PI recruiters went through each step of the process and gave so many invaluable tips. I referred to my notes from that panel many times throughout the application process and I was so glad that I had attended that session! The applications for Spring 2016 opened on August 25th. I applied for 6 different postings, but some of those postings included multiple positions within the application. As I learned from the panel, you are encouraged to apply for as many internships as you would like and are qualified for, but making sure they are all in the same fields is important to show focus within your interests. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Professional Internship Offer!

Hi everyone!! I am beyond excited to announce that as of yesterday, I have officially been accepted for a Disney Professional Internship, beginning in January! 

I am so excited to have been offered a position in Disney Park and Event Ticket Sales!! This role helps to deliver the Disney level of service while processing sales leads for convention groups and events. I will be working in the offices in Celebration (a beautiful town right across from property)! There are only 2 interns selected for this role, so I am incredibly grateful and honored to have this opportunity! It has always been my dream to do a Professional Internship and I cannot wait to see what this experience will bring!
My congratulations email for the Disney Professional Internships!