Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Application Process || Phone Interview

The often-dreaded Phone Interview was actually what I was looking forward to the most! I felt that if I could make it through the first two stages, I could manage a solid interview. I can talk about my passion for Disney to anyone who will listen, so I was definitely most excited for the Phone Interview!

In preparation for the Phone Interview, I found lists online of frequently asked questions. I went over them and had an idea of what I was going to say, but it's important to not sound rehearsed. Disney wants to hear you speak from your heart, not from a script that you wrote!  I did make a few notecards of things I definitely wanted to say, and of questions that I wanted to ask, just in case I needed to reference them during the interview.

I was luckily able to schedule my Phone Interview for when I was going to be in Houston, which was the best decision. Anyone that's ever been to my house knows that every possible inch is covered in Disney merchandise, artwork, decor, pin trading boards, stuffed animals, kitchen supplies -- you name it, it's in our house. The morning of my interview, I moved as much of our Disney memorabilia into my room as I could. This really helped me to get in the Disney spirit as I was interviewing!
Notes and clipboard ready to go -- and my favorite mice too!
Bringing the Disney magic to my room!
My interview was at 9:45 AM on February 11, 2014. My interviewer's name was Linda and she was incredible! She immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The first question is one that everyone is asked -- why I want to do the Disney College Program! I was able to incorporate my love for Disney, my desire to work for the company, and personal stories and memories into my answer. I think that having a strong answer for this question really helped me to start the interview well!

From there, she asked general questions about my work preferences, and specific questions about each of my top 4 roles. My interview was 23 minutes, which is about the standard amount of time to expect. At the end, you are able to ask your interviewer any questions that you might have. I asked a couple questions, and even one that stumped her!

I felt very relieved when my Phone Interview was complete, knowing that everything was now out of my hands. I feel that being able to combine my passion for the company with my personal experiences and expertise really helped me when talking to Linda. Although the official application process was now over for me, the hardest part was yet to come -- waiting!
Phone Interview: check! All that's left to do is wait!


  1. I already know you got accepted and I'm still feeling on pins and needles! Thanks so much for sharing your application process.

  2. I love that you moved all the Disney gear into your room for the interview AND snapped a picture of it to show! I love pictures like that to really understand more of what you went through; I hope you take pics as you start packing too!

    I'm so curious to know what question you asked that stumped the interviewer!