Sunday, April 6, 2014

About my Program

The Disney College Program is a paid internship where students can work in the parks or resorts, take Disney classes and seminars, and live with other program participants for the semester.

The application process consists of three stages: the online application, the web-based interview, and the phone interview. I will be doing a series of posts describing my personal experiences at each stage.

I was accepted for the role of Vacation Planner, which was one of my top choices! This is a very small and competitive role, so I feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity! I will get to interact with the guests all day long, and help them figure out which of the 100+ ticket combinations that Disney offers will best suit their needs. I am so excited to get to put my knowledge of the Walt Disney World property to use! I will be based at one of the 4 parks, and I will find out which one when I arrive.

This role seems absolutely perfect for me, and I am so excited to get my start in the company as a Vacation Planner. I will gain experience in sales, marketing, the WDW ticketing system, and more, which I know will help me pursue a career with Disney. I am also excited to have one-on-one interaction with so many guests, and to be one of the first Cast Members that they encounter on their trip.

Because the role is so small, there's not too much information out there about my job. However, the Disney College Program has a wonderful YouTube channel with tons of informative videos. I am including the videos from both the Disney College Program and the Disney International College Program that explore the role of a Vacation Planner, in case you want to learn a little more about what I will be doing.


  1. Congratulations Courtney! I just read your blog and I'm so excited for you. Your family and mine are very similar...we get those questions too. My almost 15 yr old daughter has been looking forward to the Disney College Program since Kindergarten so she can relate to you. Good luck and I'm looking forward to following you on your journey.

  2. Your blog is so informative, Courtney. Our family is very similar to yours. We love WDW for all the same reasons you stated. Our daughter is a travel and tourism major at a state university and is applying for DCP for next fall. I am finding your blog the most helpful of all the blogs I have read so far. Thanks for sharing your experience!