Sunday, October 26, 2014

Selling Relationship Magic

Something that I love about my role as a Vacation Planner is that there's always new information, and you can never have too much knowledge! We often will have training updates during work to inform us of any new system updates, sales tips, and product information.

One of the continued trainings includes a 6 hour class called Selling Relationship Magic, which was taught at Disney University. I recently had my SRM class and got to dive a little deeper into the SRM processes to learn how to better assist our guests in finding the best-fit ticket for their vacation needs.
Selling Relationship Magic class
I learned a lot from this class and appreciated the opportunity to step away from the booths for a day and soak up some helpful tips! It was an important reminder as to why we do what we do -- to make sure that our guests enjoy the most out of their vacation at the most magical place on earth! I'm so lucky to get to help my guests enjoy the magic of Disney.

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