Thursday, October 9, 2014

Family takes on Food and Wine

After MNSSHP, we spent most of our weekend enjoying Epcot's Food and Wine Festival!! The festival spans a two month period, but this is the first time we've ever been here for it, so we were especially excited!
Epcot's 19th International Food and Wine Festival!
There's lots of fun signs and topiaries around the park!
There are booths set up all throughout the World Showcase. Some of our favorite items were the filet mignon from Canada, the cheese ravioli from Italy, the grilled beef skewer from Patagonia, the Belgian waffle with chocolate ganache from Belgian, and the braised short ribs from France!
The filet mignon was without a doubt our favorite! 
It's served with truffle sauce and wild mushrooms, too!
The braised short ribs with cabernet sauce and mashed potatoes were incredible!
Another great aspect of the festival is the culinary seminars and demonstrations, executed by world-class chefs from all over! We went to a pastry demonstration with Chef John Hui from Pebble Beach Resort.
Attending the culinary demonstration!
We got to watch Chef Hui create the California Berry Celebration, and then try the desserts too!
We had a great weekend enjoying Epcot's most popular event!
It was such a fun weekend enjoying the festival with my family! It runs through November 10th so I'm excited to try more items, and have my favorites again, too!

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