Sunday, October 26, 2014


Time for my third Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party... but this time I was on the other side! I was lucky enough to pick up a shift to work at the party! I had a 2 hour main entrance support shift, which meant I got to pass out the marshmallow peeps that are given out to guests as their final treat for the night! It was SO much fun! I loved seeing all of the creative costumes and getting to surprise guests with one more sweet treat! It was awesome getting to thank guests for attending the party too! We sell tickets to the party at our booths, but it was so much fun to work at the actual event!  

And of course, I was so thrilled to get to wear the iconic party costume!! Working at the Magic Kingdom in general was just such an exciting moment for me. This park has always been a place that I consider my home, and I've always wanted to work there! I have another MNSSHP shift on the 30th and I'm so excited to get to do this again!
Wearing this costume was so much fun!

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