Thursday, June 26, 2014

Epcot Cast Party and Family Visit

Today was the annual Epcot Cast Party! It was held for Cast Members all day long, and we had a longer break today so that we could go over and enjoy the party!

This year's party was World Cup themed, which is appropriate since we have the World Showcase at Epcot! They had a huge buffet for us that was delicious!
I was so excited to see that the buffet had Mickey ice cream bars!
And of course, what's a Disney party without characters! They were dressed in their cute sports attire!
Pluto wearing his sports hat!
Donald was the umpire!
This afternoon, I had some very special visitors! My family came to see me at my Vacation Planning booth! I loved having them come to visit me!
Family picture at my window!
And another in front of my window!
I've never been happier! I absolutely LOVE my job!


  1. I love reading about you adventure!

  2. I love reading your blog on your DCP experience.

  3. What year in college did you sign up in? I was thinking my sophomore year but I can't decide yet? Is there only a spring and a fall program? Love your blog it has helped me a lot! Thanks!

    1. I applied during my 4th semester of college and I have 3 left. I am finishing school in 7 semesters thanks to taking online classes. There is Spring (January-May), Spring Advantage (January-August), Fall (August-January), and Fall Advantage (May-January, my program).

  4. I love your blog! I am a sophomore and also a communications major. I was thinking of applying for the Fall 2016 program. Since you said you took online classes, did you take online classes while you were at you program? And do you think you will move on to the professional internship? Thanks!

    1. I didn't take any online classes during my program because I wanted to be able to fully enjoy the experience. I took online classes concurrently with my classes at my university, as well as during the summer, maymester, and winter break. I am planning to return to Disney after I graduate so I will continue blogging my future adventures!