Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Today was my first holiday shift during my program! 4th of July is one of the busiest days at Walt Disney World and we were expecting lots of guests!! I was originally just scheduled from 8:45-2:45, but I was extended until 5:30. I was glad to be extended though, because it was right when things were picking up!
They had hotdogs, chips, and Mickey ice cream sandwiches for us today!
Magic Kingdom reached phase closings for capacity at 3:45 PM, so I was pulled from the booths and got to help at the monorail station. At Epcot, the monorail goes to the Ticket and Transportation Center, which then leads to Magic Kingdom. I was one of the Cast Members controlling who we were letting onto the monorail, depending on their type of ticket and/or if they were a resort guest.  

It was an awesome experience to get to work the capacity close because I got to be with Guest Relations and FastPass+ Cast Members, along with many upper-level managers. It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot of important skills very quickly, especially because I didn't know I would be at the monorail station!

After work, I went to the Magic Kingdom with my family, and we met up with my roommate and neighbors. We braved the crazy crowds and it was worth it!  
We rocked our new patriotic Mickey shirts!
Waiting for the fireworks with my roommate, Hannah, and my neighbors, Matt and Jeremy!
The fireworks show, Celebrate America, was absolutely incredible, and the 360° fireworks were breathtaking. We were standing right in the center of the hub, and we were completely surrounded by fireworks. It was spectacular!!
What a beautiful fireworks show!
I had the most magical 4th of July and loved spending it at Walt Disney World!

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