Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Magical Vacation Planning

From Friday until today, I've had my Magical Vacation Planning training class at Disney University. This 5 day core class is designed to teach us everything we need to know as Vacation Planners. The core class is taught in a training lab at DU that is set up with the same computer systems that we use in the Vacation Planner booths.
My training book for Magical Vacation Planning!
We learned all about the selling process, the two computer systems that we use, and how to create every kind of ticket package that we sell! There are HUNDREDS! This isn't a normal ticket sales job. We have to figure out how we can find the best options for what the guests are looking for. It was a very long week filled with an enormous amount of information, but I feel very confident and prepared to begin my 5 days of on-the-job training in the booths at Epcot!

On the way to one of my days of core class!
I can't wait to take everything that I learned in Magical Vacation Planning and combine it with my own Disney knowledge to help my guests figure out what is best for their vacation! I know I haven't started at Epcot yet, but I can already tell that this is the perfect DCP role for me.
I loved spending the week at Disney University!
I mean, where else can you find an elevator with Walt and Mickey?!

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  1. Really enjoying reading about your adventure Courtney!