Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vacation Greeter

On Wednesday, we had Vacation Greeter training and today, we had a Vacation Greeter shift. In this position, we are responsible for moving guests to open Vacation Planning windows, answering questions and giving directions, and welcoming guests to Epcot! It's a really fun position because we get to interact with every single guest coming in to the park!
The first day that I got to wear my costume!
I've loved doing the greeter position because I get to answer SO many Disney questions -- from questions about what to do or eat in Epcot, where to go in the park, how the monorail system works, ticketing questions, and more! It's been really rewarding to see how appreciative the guests are of my assistance!
As Vacation Planners, we get special buttons to wear that advertise
the different events happening across the property.  The first one
that I get to wear is advertising the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!
Welcoming the guests as they enter or wishing them a great rest of their day on their way out is also really fun. I LOVE getting to talk to the kids! It's so nice to see them smile when I compliment them or ask them a question about their day.

I've had so many magical moments already! One little girl came up to me and asked where she could see the princesses in the park. I told her I would go get her a schedule, and that I would be right back! I went to get a Times Guide that has a listing of all the character meet and greets. I came back with that and showed it to her, and also gave her a Happily Ever After button. She was SO excited!

We gave out Happily Ever After buttons to other little princesses that we saw during the day. One of them gave us the BIGGEST hug! It was so magical to be able to share a little bit of pixie dust with our guests!

There were two little boys that were telling me about how they want to work for Disney too. They asked me how old you have to be, and I said when you're in college, you could do the College Program like I am now. Then one of them said he was going to change his birth certificate so he could be in college and work for Disney now. It was so sweet!
My second Vacation Greeter day!
I've loved being trained as a Vacation Greeter and now I can pick up Greeter shifts whenever I want to. However, I'm extremely excited to begin Vacation Planner training! I have 5 days of core classes back at Disney University, and then 5 days of on the job training at Epcot!


  1. Thank you for posting your journey! I do not want my daughter to be in college yet (she is 12), but I know that after reading this she will want to go through the CP too!

  2. We will be leaving for Disney from NC Thursday. I'm going to look for you!