Saturday, January 16, 2016

First Week of PI

My first week of work was wonderful! I felt so welcomed by my team. It was a week full of training, meetings, tours, and meeting new people. The first day started off with tours of my cubicle, floor, and the building, as well as the building nearby that we frequent. We had a lunch with my whole team at Olivia's at Disney's Old Key West Resort, which was so much fun! Then, we took a tour of the convention hotels on Disney property. The rest of the mornings were spent in various training classes. This was when we learned how to use all of the programs for our role. The classes were so helpful in showing us how to best utilize them for our roles. I also loved these parts of the days because I got to become good friends with some of the other interns in the Sales and Services department! Even after just one week, I can already tell that this role is going to provide me with such amazing opportunities. I am so grateful for this chance to grow and learn in such a wonderful department! Here are a few pictures from my first week of my Professional Internship!
Ready for my first day! 
My beautiful office building!
The welcome sign for the interns on my floor!
So happy to be part of this department!

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