Saturday, January 9, 2016


Today I had my Traditions, which is the orientation class that every single Cast Member takes on their first day! Even though I had already done Traditions for my DCP, I was still incredibly excited for today! Traditions is such a special experience, and I was looking forward to seeing it from a slightly different perspective this time, having already worked for the company before. I continuously got chills and teared up throughout the many videos that are incorporated into the class, from hearing messages from Walt Disney and Bob Iger, to seeing clips of families enjoying the magic of Disney.
Excited for Traditions Round 2!
We got to visit the Magic Kingdom during our class, and even though it was raining, it was still an awesome experience! The best part was when Mickey came in to bring us our name tags! I am so excited to wear this again every day with pride. That name tag really becomes a  part of you as a Cast Member.

This time around, Traditions was even more inspiring. It really reminded me why I have always wanted to work for this company and why I worked so hard to get back here. It reminded me that I'm proud of the high standards that Disney continually holds itself to, and of the endless opportunities that await me. I'm so excited for this amazing adventure to begin!!
Loved getting to be in this amazing Walt Disney classroom again!
My Traditions book, Mickey ears, and the characters that I won.
Mickey was so excited to welcome us as the newest Cast Members!
My name tag!!!

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