Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Park Venue Tours

Today was one of my favorite days of my internship so far! We got to tour all of the convention and event venues at the theme parks! We started off at Epcot, then went over to Animal Kingdom, and ended the day at Hollywood Studios. The venues include events such as fireworks viewing spaces, weddings, dinners, presentations, and park or area buyouts. We also got to tour some of the executive and corporate lounges at different attractions. It was so neat to see all of these exclusive places and learn how they turn different spaces into venues. I loved learning more about how we operate events on every type of scale, and seeing how visions are brought to life. It definitely gave me a better understanding of the process that Park Event Operations undergoes! Events play such a large role within conventions, and no one executes events better than Disney does!

Sorry for a lack of pictures with this post, but I was unable to take any while on the tour!

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