Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Check-In and Casting

I woke up today and couldn't believe it was finally here! I've only been waiting for this day since I was accepted just 3 months ago, but in reality I've been waiting for this day for my entire life. It was finally my time to check in to the Disney College Program.

My roommate Hannah was also staying at Pop Century so we met up and followed each other over to Vista Way, one of the 4 apartment complexes and the place where Check-In is held. 
Seeing these signs made me so excited!
The Welcome Center at Vista Way!
All 5 of my roommates and I met up in line while we were waiting and we were able to go through the Check-In process together, which made it so much fun! We were handed our Program Guides, which are filled with lots of valuable information!
Me and my 5 roommates! L to R: me, Stephanie, Hannah, Jordan, Marra, and Tess!
My DCP Program Guide!
The first thing we did during check-in was find out our work locations!! We were given a sticker to put on our program guide that had our location. I was extremely excited to find out what park I was placed at!

I will be working at....... EPCOT! 
My location sticker! I'll be a Vacation Planner at EPCOT!
Then, we went to the next station and found out we will be living in a 3 bedroom apartment at Patterson Court, which was our first choice of both apartment complex and size! We were super excited to find that out! From there, we went to MANY more stations, for various paperwork, schedules, and other important documents and tasks! Then, we got on the bus to Casting. We were all lucky to get on the early buses over!
I won a Disney Internships writing pen for correctly answering a trivia question on the bus! My question was how many bricks make up Cinderella's Castle... ZERO! It's actually made of fiberglass.   
The gorgeous Casting building!
Walking under the famous entryway!
The doorknobs at Casting are from Alice in Wonderland!
At Casting, we went from place to place filling out more forms, running the background check, and receiving our actual training schedule. I have Traditions on Friday, Welcome to Operations on Saturday, Discovery Day (Welcome to Epcot) on Tuesday, and Greeter Training on Wednesday! I'm very excited to begin my training!! After Casting, we went to our new apartment to begin moving in!


  1. So glad that your dream HAS come true!!!

  2. This is so exciting to read your blog and follow you along!