Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Day Parade Filming

Every year, I've always watched the Disney Parks Christmas Day parade on ABC, and this year, I got to be part of the filming! The filming for the parade and concerts is done over a 3 day period at the Magic Kingdom, and also in Disneyland as well. Cast Members were able to sign up for tickets to the filming.
My roommate Jordan and I at the filming!
This year, the parade is Frozen themed, and we got to see them film a couple different sections. Thanks to special effects, Elsa will be freezing Main Street, and we were in the audience when they filmed that too! It's incredible to see the behind the scenes work that goes into shooting this parade.  
Olaf makes his parade debut!
It was a really fun morning, and I can't wait to watch the parade and see how they pull together everything that they filmed. I'm glad I got to experience this on my program!
I love the gingerbread!
The parade will be shown on ABC on Christmas Day: 10 AM EST, 9 AM CST, 9 AM MST, and 11 AM PST.

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