Monday, February 23, 2015

Red Carpet Club

Well, I thought my program was over, but I guess Disney had one more magical experience in store for me.

You see, as part of Vacation Planning, we are able to choose rewards if our sales reach certain levels. This is just a bonus, though, and our trainers make sure to stress that as long as we are focusing on helping the guest with what best fits their vacation needs, we'll be fine. So, that's what I did. I never pushed and always tried to place myself in the viewpoint of the guest. The beauty of Disney is that there's no certain way to enjoy your vacation. There are so many different options for guests, which kept my job fun and exciting. I treated every guest uniquely, and got to help them decide how they wanted to enjoy the magic.
Every month, our rewards are mailed to us. Before November's award was mailed, I changed my address from my one in Orlando to my one back home, just to avoid any potential issues.  

So my dad texted me a picture of a package that had arrived at home from Walt Disney World Vacation Planning. I figured it was just my monthly December award, so since I was on my way to class, I told him to open it later. Then when my mom got home from work that afternoon, she called me and told me about the package too. I wasn't doing anything so I said sure, go ahead and open it. It's my award.

What I didn't know was that it was not just an award. It was THE top Vacation Planning award.

I had received the Red Carpet Club Award.  
My Red Carpet Club letter, exclusive pin set, and Disney gift card.
This is awarded by the department's leaders to the Top 10% of Vacation Planners from ALL four of the theme parks, for sales from the entire fiscal quarter. Wow, what an honor. Rarely do College Program participants receive this award. I was overjoyed, and truly shocked.  Since these results are posted on Disney's internal cast site and I no longer had access, I had no idea until that package arrived.  

I really could not have imagined the amazing opportunities that my Disney College Program experience would bring me. This award means so much to me and I am so proud! 

Thank you to Walt Disney World Vacation Planning, for everything.
I truly LOVED my job!

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  1. I read your blog start to finish tonight and loved every moment of it. Congratulations on your success at Disney!