Sunday, November 2, 2014

Animal Kingdom VP

Today, I had traded one of my Epcot shifts for a Vacation Planning shift at Disney's Animal Kingdom!! Animal Kingdom is the only park with a different costume for Vacation Planners than what I normally wear, so I went to their costuming location yesterday to pick it up!  
The Animal Kingdom Vacation Planner costume!
I had such a great time during my shift today! As much as I LOVE working at Epcot, it is a nice change of scenery to get over to another park every now and then and still get to be a VP! Also, I can't forget to mention the Lion King entrance music! And being such a huge Disney fan, I love getting to go backstage at the different parks and see how things work in other locations! The Cast Members at Animal Kingdom were all super nice and I had a lot of fun getting to work with them.

It is one of my goals to work in Vacation Planning at each park, and this was my third park to work at in VP. Now, I just have to check Magic Kingdom off the list!


  1. Vacation planning seems like a perfect fit for you. It is great that you haven't lost the magic and love to visit the parks. I wondered if as a CP are you able to use fastpass+ to plan you days at the parks?